Aspire Business Solutions provides business consulting services creating quality solutions to help businesses grow and thrive. Aspire Business Solutions is a partnership, owned and operated by Deborah Nyquist, Micha Savage, and Winnie wong. Deb, Micha, and Winnie left their positions within tribal healthcare to fully actualize their skills in management, operational improvement, and technology optimization. Aspire Business Solutions is located in Kenai, Alaska, and is inspired to serve small and medium-sized businesses and health care providers in Alaska develop, maximize reimbursements, and improve quality and service. Our mission is to create adaptive solutions for individuals, businesses, and communities. We envision the creation of successful and sustainable businesses resulting in thriving communities.

Deborah Nyquist
Management and
Strategic Consultant

Deborah Nyquist is a Management and Strategic Consultant who works with new and existing businesses to facilitate strategic planning and improved business operations through compliance and process improvement. Deborah believes building teams who are encouraged to develop and implement improvement strategies saves time and money. Deborah worked for 16 years as a tribal health director and successfully built a model wellness program incorporating financial and healthcare best practices serving 3,500 Alaska Native/American Indian people. In 2007, Deborah was recognized as a Local Impact Awardee by the National Indian Health Board. Deborah is currently finishing her Masters of Health Leadership from Western Governors University. Deborah enjoys photography, hiking and wild harvesting with family and friends.

Micha Savage
Technical and Revenue Cycle Transformation Consultant

Micha Savage is a Technical and Revenue Cycle Transformation Consultant who excels at innovative and up to the minute information technology to proactively address business needs and design efficient, responsive solutions. Micha pairs the technology with each company’s workflows and simplifies processes. Micha believes in minimizing disruption during implementation of new solutions by working alongside clients. Micha knows that technology is complex and is dedicated to finding the right tools for each client. Micha worked toward internal company workflow optimization in her previous position which greatly improved revenue. Micha held the West Regional Chair and National Board Chair for an online learning community of system administrators in 2018. Micha was acknowledged by the CARF Accreditation survey team for her significant contributions in building a tribal behavioral health EHR. In 2015, Micha was recognized as a Top Performer by the Healthcare IT Value Model due to her work in building an EHR. Micha holds a Level 4 System Administrator certification. Micha enjoys spending time outdoors camping, hiking and fishing with her husband and young son.

Winnie Wong
Operational and Creative

Winnie Wong is an Operational and Creative Consultant who specializes in business process re-engineering, mapping existing processes, analyzing opportunities for efficient redesign while maintaining quality, effectiveness and costs. Winnie is passionate about elegant, functional and responsive media to support individuals and businesses. Winnie believes in maximizing internal resources and creating streamlined solutions. Winnie worked for 10 years as tribal health operations supervisor providing oversight and development of multiple core specialty and grant-funded programs, and was a key staff member in successfully achieving accreditation through Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Winnie is currently working towards achieving her degree with a focus on Interactive and Interactive Digital Media Design. Winnie enjoys drawing, creative diy projects, and fishing and hunting with her husband and children.